Her fingers brushed his arm. Her touch burned his skin; the kind of heat that tingles, sends a warming sensation to his loins.  His breath caught. He looked down at her.  Her eyes, warm pools of desire, looked up at him with longing.

    Remember that feeling? Is that feeling only possible at the start of a relationship or can it be kept alive for years? Romance books flaunt it.  Movies capitalize on it.  Is it a real feeling?  Is it lust or can it last?

    We’ve all had that experience.  We try to recreate years into our relationships.  Do you know the couple that still has it?  What are they like? Do they have children?  We all want that.  Its the reason we date, the reason some have affairs.  Is it reality?

    There are couples who’ve been together 40, 50 plus years.  You see her look up into his eyes. He takes her hand.  They glow.  How have they managed to keep that ultimate feeling? Years of work.  Romancing each other.  Listening to one another.  Loving.  Can all couples have this?

    That feeling is out there. Its our task to grab hold of it and not take advantage of it. Its a gift.  It is possible to experience it more than once, but do you really want to take that chance?