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Perfect Chapter 1

Chapter 1
“Today one lucky viewer will win a trip for two to visit New York and my show.  An all expense paid weekend!” announced Veronica Becker, touted as the ‘Every Woman’s Woman’ by national magazines.  
Veronica Becker had become a household name, a chef for the everyday woman; quick, inexpensive meals that were tasty too.  Veronica had taken her love of cooking to television and added a bit of fashion, some down to earth chat with the audience and  interviews with the latest stars.  She was  health conscious and wanted the women in her audience to look their best at any age. She also loved to give things away. Coming from a modest family she believed in giving back. Generous to a fault, if there was an earthquake somewhere, a typhoon, or tornado, Veronica was there to help out.   
“Our winner is Alexandra Daniels of Plano, Texas! Congratulations! We’ll be giving Alexandra a call today!”
Alex sat in her chair, her eyes wide, staring at the screen.  Alex loved the Veronica Becker Show and was a faithful viewer.  During her lunch hour at work she would rush to the break room to turn it on. Her co-workers were staring at her.  Alex had never won anything but that didn’t prevent her from signing up each week in hopes, knowing full well the likelihood of winning was minimal at best.  Had she really won???
“Alex! That’s you! You won!”, they all shouted.
“Oh…my…God! I can’t believe it! I won!”
Alex had the hardest time concentrating the rest of the afternoon.  As a customer service rep for a marketing company, she was usually swamped with work but couldn’t concentrate. Two o’clock rolled around and Alex’s cell rang, a number she didn’t recognize. 
“Is this Alexandra Daniels?”
“Yes it is”
“Alexandra, this is the Veronica Becker show. I am pleased to tell you that you are the winner of a  trip for two to New York City and tickets for the show.”
“I can’t believe it! Are you sure?”  Alex was still in shock.  She wanted to make sure there was no mistake.  Josh would never believe her.
“Yes, you’ve won! We will send you your tickets. Your trip is for April 15-17.  Can you make it those dates?”
“Oh yes!  I’ll make it work! Thank you so much!” 
“We’ll get back to you Monday to finalize the details.  Have a great weekend!”
“Oh, I will now!” Alex was amazed! It was true, she actually won! She was already mentally packing when reality hit.  Josh would never take off work to go.  Maybe Mattie could go with her….no, she had school.  She could ask Kathleen, her best friend and co-worker, but they couldn’t take off at the same time.  Kathleen was her back up so one of them had to be there. No, she’d have to go alone. Well, it was about time she did something adventurous.  This was probably the most exciting thing that had happened to Alex in a very long time. 

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  1. This is a nice start, Linda. I was a bit confused because you started with Veronica’s description and I thought she was the lead character but it turns out to be Alex.
    You might want to consider starting with Alex sitting at the ‘edge of her sit’ in anticipation waiting for the winner to be announced. I think that would have more of a hook.

    Nonetheless, I’d love to read the rest. Well done.

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