Find out what my guest, author Catrina Taylor, like to read! Maybe its your favorite too! 

A voracious reader often finds it difficult to narrow down a single author that just drags you into the story time and again. There is great reason for that. There are thousands of authors available in print and through digital media today. Today’s book market is a treasure trove of incredible tales spun by authors from all walks of life. Like a child in a candy store, I can’t find just one author I love more than the others.
I nibble from the reading tables of many genre, but I lean heaviest to the science fiction and fantasy realms created by insatiable appetites of creative talents. Among the many names that come to mind in that genre are Sarah Barnard, Isobel Herring,  Wendy and Charles Siefken and so many others that I’m drawn to for their unique universes. Each reality, story, and conflict lingers in the imagination. Each character lives a life I’ve never seen or imagined myself and that makes me enjoy the world much more.
Since I don’t only satisfy my voracious reading appetite at the table of science fiction or fantasy, I know that narrowing down the authors I enjoy is a difficult task. Add to it the fact I’m horrible with names, and you have a match made in prolific forgetfulness. It is the book that lives in my mind, my heart and imagination. I’m grateful to know so many authors now. I am learning to recall names easier, but the list of books that I love is longer than the words available to keep your attention here.
Tell me, how do you satisfy your voracious reading appetite?
~About my guest~
Catrina Taylor is a single mom of two, and a science fiction author working on two series. The first is her debut series, Birth of an Empire, and the second is an Origins series related to the characters in her main series. This talkative author can be found on Facebook at on twitter as TheLadyWrites. You can learn more about the series and visit her blog at