One lovely day….Oh wait, its a blog! That’s right! Martin Reeves shared this lovely award with me! 
This is a fun and simple one. No hair to pull out, no dreadfully serious questions….Lets have some fun! 
The idea here is to share 7 things you (yes, all of you) may not know about me, and then to nominate 7 other worthy souls to go and do likewise.
Martin crafted his in a desert island format. Mine will be in my favorite hide-away: A cabin in the mountains, by a lake on a beach. (Mitch Mitchell this is for you!)
So, in no particular order, My Seven Desert Hide-Away Musts:
The Book: The complete collection of Christopher Moore and Janet Evanovik. Laughter can get me through anything.

The  Grub: Fruits and veggies (no one ever got fat on fruits and veggies) and an occasional steak – I’m really tired of chicken
The Album: Pat Benatar’s Greatest Hits! 
The Movie: Sweet Home Alabama – I can watch it a thousand times and still love it!
The Drink: My homemade Sangria! Rum, wine, orange juice and the fruit from above…See I plan.
The Exercise Video: TurboFire baby! Kick it!
The Appliance:  Hello! Laptop!!!!! 
And now, I’d like to pass off this sweaty baton and nominate a few other lovely  blog types.
Its just some fun! Enjoy yourselves!