What do you want in a relationship? Go ahead make that list. Notice something? It’s way easier to to say what you don’t want. In the very wise words of Bertha, ‘Bertha Size Your Life’, by Jane Carroll, “Your way of expressing what you want by saying what you don’t want is very common. Most people spend very little time focusing on what they truly want.”

Why do we do that? Is it because we’re afraid if we are too specific about what we do want, we won’t ever get it? In the back of our minds do we know we’re gonna settle for whatever we find just to not be alone?

Think of your list. What do you want? If you could build that perfect relationship (we all know nothing is perfect but…) what would you definitely want? To know you’re thought of when their eyes open in the morning and closed at night, that you are the most beautiful woman (or most handsome man) they know, that their heart skips a beat when they see you, that they feel an unexplained connection to you – you are drawn together by an unseen, unbreakable thread, that they get your humor, and that they think your rambling chatter is cute. To know they would do their absolute best not to break your heart, ever…to be wanted…

Wanted by Hunter Hayes (Link to Lyrics)

Hunter Hayes may be a young kid but his song speaks volumes.

Do we not think about what we want because we don’t think we deserve it?

Let Me Love you via Glee (Link to Lyrics)

I think most of the time its fear, fear we’ll actually get what we want. Could you handle getting what you truly wanted? Do we think we’re deserving? We’ve all been hurt, damaged. How do we move past the hurt, allow what we want to come into our lives? How do we allow love to come back to us? How do we get past the point where we finally feel we deserve it? Trust. Step out on the ledge and trust again.

Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato (Link to Lyrics)

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