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Dream! I love dreaming! So, of course, a blog hop about dreams I just have to participate in! I am the last one on the tour. I hope you enjoy my dreams!

Writing is largely solitary, and sometimes a lonely endeavor. Sure, you talk to friends, experts for research, discuss what works and what doesn’t with your editor, and bounce ideas off of fellow writers. But in the end it’s one person pounding the keyboard or twirling the pencil. But what if it didn’t have to be completely alone? Who would YOU work with if you could work with anyone on your favorite project? Stephen King. I don’t write horror but I love his imagination.

In this post, that’s what I’m asking. Choose a person for each category and tell why you want to work with them. If you want, feel free to post their picture, a piece of their work, or a link to something about them. The only rule is that the person must still be alive.

Writers dream. Now it’s time to dream BIG.

You have the opportunity to hire anybody as your cover artist. If you write children’s books or books that are heavily illustrated, who would you get for the interior artwork?   Donovan Sparhawk
He’s a phenomenal sketch artist. I’d love a black and white cover!

Who would you co-write your next novel with? What genre? Why? I have a writing partner but we live far apart and its very difficult for us to work. I’d love for him to be closer. His name is Mitch Mitchell. We write great erotica together and I’d love to write a contemporary romance with him. He has a perspective I don’t have.

Your publisher wants to do an audiobook version of your novel and they’re not sparing any expense. Who do you think can narrate your masterpiece? That’s easy! Gerard Bulter. I love Scottish men and the accent. Also, my main character is Scottish!

They’re really going all out! Your novel is getting a full soundtrack. Who should compose it? If your novel uses a lot of songs, list your compilation here. I’d love some music by Kate Voegele.

Congratulations! Your novel is being turned into a major motion picture. As the creator of the original work, you get to pick the director.
Nick Cassavetes

The director has some ideas on who to cast, but you get to cast one character. What role/character is it and who portrays them? Easy again! Gerard Butler would play Derek Dunbar!

You’ve been hired to write a novel based on a preexisting character or franchise from another medium. Which character or franchise is it? Jody the red headed vampire from Christopher Moore books.

It’s the anniversary of your favorite literary character’s debut. You’ve been hired (yay, work!) to write an anniversary novel. Who is the literary character? D’artangnan from the Three Musketeers! He needs a very sexy romance of his own!

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