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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Whether you’ve met on a dating site, were old high school friends, or friends introduced you, you run into the same issue. How do you know if he likes you?

We all have had experiences where you think you hit it off and then you never hear from him again. What did you do wrong? Did you do something wrong? Or was it him? How do you know if he’s into you?

I have a guy friend that tells me if you’re on a first date and he doesn’t ask you for a follow-up date before you get into your car, he’s not that into you. Do you think so? If that’s the case, I have had quite a few dates that were not that interested in me.

I have a guy friend that tells me there are certain topics that are off limits on a first date; i.e. exes, money, sex, and illnesses. At fifty years old, there isn’t that much else to talk about. Guess that explains, maybe, why they didn’t set up a second date.

Then there’s the person you’ve text and online chatted with for weeks. You totally have a ton in common. Then you have that first phone call. They don’t sound how you expect. They aren’t as witty on the phone as they are in chat. You think it might just be you and you agree to that first meeting. Yeah, lets just say, its as bad as the phone call. You don’t want them to ask for a second date.

Ok, here’s the exception…you chat and text great conversations. You talk on the phone and he’s as witty and funny as you expected. You meet up and you talk about all the things you aren’t supposed to. And, guess what? He even asks for a second date. So, what’s the moral of the story? I have no idea what the winning combo is. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Tell me about your experience. How do you know you’ll ask for a second date? What tells you not to? What topics are taboo for you on the first date?

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  1. The answer? I call it “x-factor chemistry.”

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