Did you ever think you would need to reflect on the famous book, “He’s Just Not That Into You”, by Greg Behrendt, to decide if your relationship is over?

In most of my relationships I catch subtle hints or stay pretty detached so that if there’s no second date it’s no big deal. But there’s always seems to be one you try to hang onto. You know, there’s just something about him, you just can’t let go.

After spending hours of talking, helping each other through meltdowns, and being there for each other in the dark moments, you thought it was going to last. You thought that all the things that were said meant something. There was that one date, that one incredible kiss, then…nothing. Could it have been the hours of incessant chatter he once said was cute? Or maybe it was the garlic breath after the spaghetti he made? Maybe the kiss wasn’t so incredible for him?

He talks to you to tell you he’s not ready. Do you wait? Can you wait if he never speaks to you after that? Do you send an email or text and hope you get a response? And if you don’t, then what? Is he avoiding you? Is he hoping you’ll just go away? What if you just really need to know if it’s over, you need closure, finality? If you delete his email, phone number and Facebook friendship, can you let go? Can you move on? What if you can’t?