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On Being a Published Writer

I get asked often what it’s like to write a book, is it hard to come up with ideas and what do you do once your finished. Of course, there are two options, to publish or not to publish. When I decided I was ready to publish, I had done a ton of research on agents, publishers and independent publishing. I knew I couldn’t publish my book on my own – I work a full time job and independent publishing is very time consuming to do alone. I knew I wanted a publisher but I was told I would get no say on the title or cover, not to mention I was an unknown with no connections. Then I found MasterKoda Select Publishing. It was a small start up. Kim Emerson agreed to take me on and let me help pick my cover and title. MasterKoda has helped get my book loaded on Amazon, generate sales with $.99 specials and where to market those, and make a paperback version of my book come to life! Kim has even offered writing classes to help me be the best author I can be. 
Not only has Kim been a wonderful help and support, the other MasterKoda authors have been a great team. We all work together to help promote sales and special events. We give each other ideas on marketing and share what works and doesn’t.
 Are you thinking about writing a book but not sure how to publish it? Do you have a great manuscript gathering dust? Are you totally clueless when it comes to social network marketing? Is MasterKoda Select Publishing for you? 


  1. Beautiful!!!!! I could not agree more Linda!!!!!

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