I call it the root of relationship evil. Either there is too much or not enough, never a happy medium. You know what I mean, he barely speaks, or in some cases, he talks too much. I know, you’re asking, “Where’d I find that guy? How great that would be!” Trust me, it’s not.

Picture it…nice restaurant, quiet music, not crowded. You had a bad day at work and you want to share it. You don’t want any advice or a fix, just to vent (This is a basic foreign concept for most guys. They have an innate need to fix.). You both sit down, order your meal and WHAM! He gets diarrhea of the mouth. You can’t get a word in edge-wise. No, he didn’t have a bad day, or a good day, he’s just rambling. By the time dinner is over you’re feeling like you need to sneak out the back and leave him behind.

Then, there’s the other option (and it’s just as bad). You’ve ordered your meal and you start to vent. By the third sentence you realize his eyes have glazed over and he has left the building. You could tell him Big Foot stopped by your office and his comment would be, “That’s good”. You’re feeling like you need to sneak out the back and catch up with your girlfriends for a drink. At least they’d listen.

What about the guy you find that seems like a happy medium, until he has some drama in his life. Whether it’s a work or family (his kids) emergency, he forgets to text you and let you know he’s not making your date. Nothing like being stood up by someone you’ve been seeing.

Communication…it’s a fine line but somehow you have to learn to walk it. Too much is bad, too little is bad. Of course, you could avoid it all together and spend a lot of time kissing! That’s way better!