We all have set New Year’s resolutions – weight loss, save money, be organized – but do you set relationship resolutions?

Think about it, have you been dating the same type of personality over and over with the same outcome? You end up alone. Maybe it’s time to reflect on what type of person you should be dating.  You could start with a pros and cons list. What attributes or personality traits are non-negotiable? Humor, sarcasm, easy-going, spontaneous, energetic…  Which traits are you thinking you should stay away from? Needy, vanity, a spender, a drinker…
Ok, once you have your list, it’s time to reflect, really make sure you’ve been honest with yourself. Don’t beat yourself up, it may take a few tries to get your list realistic.  Remember, you’re finally being honest with yourself. 
I  know, the bad boy is exciting – dangerous, unpredictable, exciting – but he also cheats and treats you like crap. I know, I know, the good guy is dull, predicable, and routine. There is a happy medium, you just have to look.
If you’re straying away from your usual type to find a guy that not only lights your fire but treats you well, don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries. We tend to fall back into old habits because its comfortable. You’ll need to practice. 
Be patient with yourself and keep your list handy. Guard your heart, it isn’t as picky as your head. It’s easy to fall in love if you don’t think about it, but remember, you’re planning for a successful future. It’s ok to fail along the way, but keep reaching for the stars. He’s out there.