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Today is Brought to You by the Letter F

Day 7 of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the letter F for French kissing

Nothing is better than a great French kiss. The worst day, coldest weather, and crappiest mood can be defeated by a foot-popping French kiss. The best French kisses can cause tingling and heavy breathing. What a great way to start and end your day! 


  1. Oh what is in a kiss, Kisses are so personal and personalized. French kissing, you learned the term long ago, okay well for me it was long ago. It would be a mile stone in my maturity one that marked a first step toward a meaningful relationship. One you dreamed about and wanted to be a recipient of, one kiss you’d remember always. Now so many years later I find myself enjoying this kiss with the most amazing woman. Our kiss has it’s own signature, it’s defining of our passion for one another. It’s the most amazing good morning, good night, hello, and good bye that we can share. I miss it when I’m away and can’t want for it when I arrive. If you read this thank you for this kiss!

  2. Mmm yes. Definitely a good way to start and end a day 🙂

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

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