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Today is Brought to You by the Letter L

Day 13 of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the letter L for Lingerie

Nothing can make a woman feel sexier than pretty lingerie, even if it’s something no one would see.

The soft fabric touching the skin can make any woman feel spoiled.
Tell her she’s beautiful and mean it….is all she needs.


  1. Well, unless she doesn’t feel that it looks good on her, like I would feel right now probably. But that is all in my head, right? Very nice post. If you have time, and want to, you can check out my L post.

  2. Lingerie in my opinion can be anything from socks and one of my dress shirts being worn by my lover to kinky role play wear. Anything in between keeps me interested to see what she will walk in wearing next. I am always paying attention to what she has on when she enters a room.

  3. Lisa Mandina, since you asked the question, I don’t know your situation, I’m going to say your feelings are in your head. Your feelings are based on your self image, so this is what your mind see’s. We all have to accept who we are and be happy with who we are to feel good about being us. I love my partner for who she is, she is beautiful to me for so many reasons. We need assurance to feel good about ourselves but we also need to be less judgmental of ourselves. We tend to work on our problem areas when we accept them and others don’t point them out. I hope this helps you in some small way. Your words are kind and your not being discounted for feeling unsexy or less appealing. You can be happy with who you are and do thing to strengthen your own self image. We are all beautiful, and I know you can let your own beauty shine.

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