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Today is Brought to You by the Letter O

Day 16 of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the letter O for Orgasm:


Intense or unrestrained excitement 


  1. The right key to unlock the door, over many years it still is the most amazing thing to watch. Seeing the bliss on my lovers face, working to open a locked away release of passion. Finding the right key opening the door, that rush of unrestrained excitement greeting me as she welcomes me in, kissing me, holding to me. What other keys might I find to unlock yet another door to her next intense moment?

  2. I wish more men would share this perspective with the world…

  3. The funny thing is I discussed orgasms and the clitoris without using either word on my post for O… I was hoping to find something like this today …
    Reflex Reactions

  4. I wish! Nice to meet and connect through the atozchallenge.

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