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Today is Brought to You by the Letter P and Q

Day 17 and 18 of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Day 17 is the letter

The letter P is for Pheromone.  

We spend thousands of dollars to scrub, powder and deodorize our bodies in a desperate attempt to change our smell when, in fact, it’s our smell that attracts the opposite sex. The breast and genitals release a scent that shouldn’t be covered by perfumes.

Douse other places on your body with colognes and perfumes, keeping your natural odor around breasts and genitals, to attract that special someone. 

Day 18 is the letter

The letter Q is for Quality and Quantity

In a relationship, it’s not the quantity of dates or moments together, but the quality of those moments. Not to say that seeing each other only every other weekend is a good thing, but making the the most of those moments is what counts. 


  1. So I’m not so weird after all, Pheromone’s would explain why at the end of the day after hello kisses and hugs I’m super attracted to my girl and don’t want to wait to shower. Her natural scents drive me crazy making me mad to have her right then and there. As to the Quality of our relationship, time matters a great deal. Being separated for two weeks at a time, our time spent is precious. Every moment of each day, we spend making a life time memory together. I know in my heart that this gap is closing rapidly, and we’ll soon be together 24/7/52. I look forward to showing her a life of Quality time, while keeping our relationship alive. My best advice to lovers, don’t let your love die, continue to cultivate your Quality of life together.

  2. If there’ s no quality, then there’s no use in quantity. Hmmm, guess you could say that with perfumes and colognes, too. 🙂
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  3. I totally agree about scents. I just about die when I smell women that have doused themselves with perfume. I want to just choke. I do love a man’s cologne but again, not like he has bathed in it.


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