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Today is Brought to You by the Latter T

Day 21 of the A to Z Blog Challenge

Today is the letter T for Trust…

As the years go by, we are shaped by our experiences. Often times, we think we have escaped unscathed, only to find, at a single moment, we are chained to our baggage. It’s not always a bad thing; sometimes it helps us to consider our actions more closely, keeping us from diving in, head first, into regret. We learn caution. It isn’t fear, it’s examining each moment, keeping life in perspective. Many times it’s perceived as lacking trust – in others – when, in fact, its a lack of trust within ourselves. The upside? We see each moment, enjoy each moment, and accept each moment, ready to take the next step, though cautious, ready for life. Trust is earned and we must prove to ourselves we are trustworthy of great decisions, wise choices, so that we can, eventually, go from wading in the kiddy pool to diving into the deep end.


  1. I find my largest trust issue arises with my children in trusting them to make the right decisions, especially when you can see they’re heading down the wrong path. I have a hard time trying not to interfere, therefore I have a hard time trusting myself. No one want a naggy mum. Unfortunately, some mums are…


  2. As much as my world has been rocked by those in my past, who turned out not so trust worthy. I try very hard not to let my past harden me, I try hard to check myself and pay attention when someone mentions I’m allowing the past to interfere. My life is on a new path one that I feel will lead me to wondrous places, with the most amazing woman. I trust her with my heart and I’ll work very hard to leave the baggage behind.

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