Remember when you were young and you couldn’t wait to grow up? How you thought you’d be able to do anything you wanted anytime you wanted because you were a grown up? Where did we get that idea?

Being a grown up has so many responsibilities I don’t remember hearing about…paying bills and going to work are just two of them. I worked as a teen but I know I had no idea the scope of adult work. Balancing a budget, taking care of an apartment or house, dealing with possible HOAs, children and picking the right schools…the list goes on and on. Even having a pet is more work as an adult than it was when you were a kid. Who knew vet bills were crazy expensive?

Gone are the days of sleeping late in the summer, hanging out with friends all day, and your biggest worry was if the cute guy or gal wanted to take you out. I miss those lazy days of less responsibility, even if they included a curfew. Couldn’t there be one day a year assigned as a national holiday – No Adulting Day? Who’s with me?