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Hello Again

I think it’s been over a year since my last post. Sorry I’ve been out of touch. Covid and submitting a new series to publishers has spurred me to leave a post finally.

Life is difficult for everyone right now. Whether you’re an over-worked healthcare giver or unemployed and looking for work, Covid has affected everyone. I know my household has changed dramatically. My seven year old granddaughter lives with me, and, in March, began online classes. I was sent home to work remote because my husband contracted Covid while he was in Boston and the virus became active once he returned home. Needless to say, work wanted me as far away as possible.

Thank goodness, neither my granddaughter or myself contracted the virus. But everyone being home has been a challenge. Over the last few months we’ve hardly seen anyone other than immediate family, sporadically. I have been very grateful that my office was considered essential and we were able to weather this stressful time. Although, I have seen first-hand the devastation this virus has brought to my friends and relatives. Not only loss of jobs, but illness and no medical insurance.

After all that, I’m not here to take you down to the dark depths that we all struggle to not wallow in, but to let you know I’m finally writing and submitting. Over the next three months I hope to hear some good news that I can share with all of you. Pray for me so that I can get that cabin in the woods I dream of on Instagram someday.


  1. Did you write Holiday Keepsakes?

  2. Yes, I wrote a story in Holiday Keepsakes.

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