Nothing like a well-built man in tights to spark your interest. For instance, take Captain America, mild mannered military man, small in stature and size, risks his life by stepping into a capsule that suddenly makes him taller and buff.  He puts on tights and mask and, whew, the fantasy starts.
    Imagine lying in bed, sound asleep, you feel the briefest touch.  Your eyes open to this statuesque man.  His costume shows every bump and bulge.  He flexes his muscles.  Your breath catches. Who is he? Why is he here?

    Ok, one for the guys.  Traffic is backed up on the freeway. Its 100 degrees in the shade. You can’t wait to get home. Cars are at a standstill. You look up ahead and a woman steps out of her car.  She’s leggy, brunette and busty.  She stands in the middle of the street, spins around and, poof, she’s gone from her business suite to a strapless one-piece.  Wonder Woman is headed your way. She stops by your sports car and taps on the window, her breasts at eye level.  What would she want with you? Why now?

    Fantasies.  We all have them. Whether they’re with a total stranger, a super hero, or your significant other, they all add spice to life.   In the movie “Four Christmases” Reese Witherspoon’s and Vince Vaughn’s characters roll play for added excitement.  They pretend they don’t know each other and meet in a bar. Fantasies.  Have you tried any? How do you add spice to life?

    Does it mean we feel less for our special someone if we fantasize they’re someone else for  the briefest of moments? Does it mean life is dull and mundane if the French maid’s outfit comes out before Halloween?  If a new outfit, quirky dialog, or jumping on the bed aren’t for you, turn the lights off and close your eyes. Who do you see? Let your mind wonder. Take a fantasy trip and live a little.