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Becoming A Writer

I have been learning a lot these last few months that I have been working on my first book.

To start with, there are many people out there with good advice.  Some with not so good advice.  But I haven’t found any bad advice, yet.

There are a whole lot of writers out there that have never been published.  Some have a plethora of books
that, for whatever reason, are not published.

Writing is something that I have to do.  Whether I get published or not, there are stories in my head begging
to get out.  I must write.  I think I have always felt this way but had resisted the urge. A friend tried to get me to journal but my personal life just isn’t that interesting. Now fiction, the many stories trapped in my brain, seems to be much more exciting. A wealth of information dying to be told. A writer I met on Twitter says she hears voices in her head.  It feels like that sometimes.

Lastly, for now, 50,000+ words are a lot of words.  The story flows but what do you do when you end 10k short? I’m learning where to find more story. My friends have been quite helpful, giving me ideas of where to send my characters and what they could be doing, besides the obvious in a romance novel. Through reading other authors books and blogs I have learned add more content, conflict and, of course, sex.  Gotta love romance!

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  1. I have often thought about writing about my life, but no one would believe it.

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