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How do I Write a Story?

Most of my friends are very surprised I’m writing novels.  I don’t know why.  I have always had a pretty vivid imagination.  I’ve written poetry in the past.  I think they wonder why I waited until now.  After all, I’m in my late 40’s.  You know, nearing the menopause days, I should just pack up my life and live on past memories.

As I near fifty, I still have a couple of years, I feel as energetic and alive as I did at twenty-five.  I still have dozens of things I’d love to see and do.  I’m not dead yet!

Writing is just one of those things I’ve wanted to do.  I tried to write a few years ago.  It ended up a VERY short story, and in the trash.  I tried to write a memoir of adopting our daughter.  The outline is complete but I set it aside for awhile.

I can blame Gerard Butler for my desire to finally pick up the computer and type my life away.  My dearest friends know about my obsession.  I have all of his movies and I have seen most of his interviews.  It was bordering on scary until I decided to write about him instead.  Well, not about him exactly.  About a Scottish actor who can’t seem to find the right woman.  It flowed brilliantly until I neared the end.  Now it’s getting difficult.  2500 words to go…and then it ends. Then what?

A book about a Gerard Butler/Craig Ferguson type with Robert Burns (the Scottish Poet) all rolled into one book. I can’t wait to start.  Then there’s book three… expanding on a character in the first book – a magician – a Criss Angel type of guy.  I love research!!!!

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  1. Actually, Linda, lots of people are in their 40s before they ever publish. I think, first of all, that one has to gather lots of rich experiences to be able to write well. Secondly, when we’re raising our kids and being so busy with that life, who has time to write?? Maybe one day, before I’m ancient, I’ll finish one of the two books I’ve started. Good luck, my dear friend!

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