There’s no light. No stars, no headlights, no glow from storefronts. Just darkness. Black, inky gloom swallowing up everything in its midst. No sound, no breeze. I walk along and not even my footsteps echo. I’m alone.

A small twinkle flashes in the distance. The air is thick, heavy.  My breathing is labored but I trudge on. Something grabs my arm. It pulls me back. The darkness engulfs me, weighs on me like lead. I panic, fighting for air, escape. I scream a silent scream. There’s no one to hear it. I struggle but the bonds only tighten. The small light twinkles teasingly at me. It taunts me.

My struggle becomes frantic. Fear of never escaping feels like a reality. The darkness presses in. The light winks at me. I’m exhausted and my struggles lessen. The grip of gloom loosens. I wiggle free of the bonds. Once again steps are made in the direction of the flash. Like sloshing through muddy water, thick with sludge, I drag on. Desperation forcing me to continue.

After all energy is spent, my last breath is used to touch the light. Warmth, brightness.  My feet are suddenly light. My breaths are even and full. A bird chirps, a dog barks.  I feel a breeze on my face. My spirit is lifted and my soul is light. A rainbow kisses the sky.