Life to the Fullest

When you’re in elementary school you think about becoming a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher, getting married and having two children (one boy and one girl), and thirty-five is old.

Then in your teens you’re planning for college, wondering if you’ll get married, can’t wait to live on your own and you still think thirty-five is old.

In your mid-twenties you’re thinking about having children, buying your first home and having a career. Forty starting to sounding old.

You turn around one day and you’re fifty. You’re playing with your grandchildren, planning for retirement, and starting to count how many funerals you’ve been to. Suddenly sixty-five doesn’t sound so far away.

When you’re young, you think you’ll live forever but as you head over “the hill” you realize life really is short. You may not get to go on that dream vacation, see your grandchildren grow up, or find that one true love. You never know when life will throw you a curve ball and change your plans, permanently.

Look at the natural disasters happening all around us. How many of your friends or relatives have terminal illnesses? What if 12/21 really is the last day (I don’t think so but…)?

Why do we hesitate to take chances? Why do our fears hold us back? Shouldn’t we jump in with both feet and take a risk and enjoy the time we have to its fullest?