Welcome to my blog tour guest, Kristina Jackson. This week we are trying flash fiction. Here’s her picture and this is the story it brought to mind. Welcome Kristina! 
Oh so high – by Kristina Jackson
Oh so high those Geese go flying by, air under their wings. They fly over snow-capped mountains where Yeti’s roam and onwards to forest so dark and deep.  Here the peek, those dragons that lurk within the trees. Onwards yet again, over lakes so blue and clear, watching as the fish swim here.  Yet no rest for these wings yet, they are not at their journeys end.
Heading now over villages clustered against the roads. Where people scuttle looking like ants. Their wings grow heavier and weariness they carry. Not long now, no need to tarry. They push onwards with their remaining strength. They can see the green area where they must land.
Spiral down they go and relief as their feet touch the ground. Tired wings are folded on their backs and grass is in their beaks. Yet it as well they can’t read, as the sign says, no parking on the grass.
“One day you will write your own book, just let your heart guide you.”
Those were the immortalised words of my teacher in the 5th Year of Primary School; I was 8 at the time. I’d just had a short story published in the school magazine, and won a prize of a book for my privilege. I knew I had wanted to write since I could write sentences. 28 years later I am realising that dream.
I am Kristina Jackson. I am in my mid thirties, wife, mother of two, owner of one dog and slave to two cats. One of my cats, Bono, is my writing companion. He is often found sharing my lap with my laptop or partially draped over the keyboard if I am using the laptop on the desk.
I suffer from a condition called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) I have become disabled by it, but as physical doors have shut the mental ones opened. Now I have so many ideas, and the ideas are throwing out so many characters who are each threatening to run away with my remaining sanity.
It is anybody’s guess where this will now lead.
Book Blurb
Moira thinks she has everything she wants The job, the house, the clothes but why is she still so unhappy?

Her world falls apart when she witnesses a terrible crime. Running away she comes across a psychic fair and a spur-of-the-moment decision to have a tarot card reading changes everything. The reading helps her see what she should do. When she quits her job, sells her home and moves to Wales, friends and family start to believe she is losing her sanity.

Can learning to read Tarot cards, help Moira learn more about herself and guide her to a happier future? Will the cards also be able to help her with her unwanted poltergeist guest or more disturbingly the handsome neighbour

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