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Please meet Deborah Woods. She is a wonderful poet that can take your soul to the next level. Say hello.
Deborah is happy to share a diverse collection of her work through ‘Aphrodite Ink’, her first compilation of poetic verse and prose. Included in this book you will find a mixture of light inspirational, dark, erotic and Haiku poetry.
Coming Soon to PDMI Kindle
She is also working on her first novel, a Romantic Thriller that will be out in the near future! 
Inspired by reminiscence, solitude and admiration of the beautiful, through art and music, Deborah Woods shares her deepest thoughts and dreams 
through her writing and poetry. Her labyrinthine existence through her childhood and teen years cultivated her habit of internalizing, thus catapulting her fight to write. From her earliest recollections she has taken pen to paper, writing poetry and short stories inspired by her own experiences and the offered promise of a better tomorrow.
Now a grown woman she sees the world through new eyes of unbounded existence. Inspired my music, a sad story in the news, holding a friend in heartbreak, to dreams that mean nothing…or everything, she quills her invocation of love, lust, fantasy and beauty that is coated behind a wax seal of intrinsic desires.
Life’s chaotic paradox sometimes finds her travelling over to the shaded side where the dark, erotic and sometimes frightening reside as well. After all, everyone faces a monster from time to time.
Simply put, she is rebellion in a pretty dress, doing as she pleases while she calls on memories of past days, a uniquely poetic world and the unlimited gifts found in the silence to offer their muse. She is as she was meant to be, on a constant quest for self-enlightenment and improvement through literary penmanship.
Black Butterfly
I am no serpent to be charmed
under, ritual flutes
ambiguous intention,
so do not speak to me of want 
for, I am following
the black butterfly s flight;
I will not listen as my spirits 
grace holds tight 
to her midnight wings;
in quest of her oracle wisdom
to reclaim possession
of my restive minds peace
Paradox love
 the ruling tempest stealing minds
as we breathe for it;
enveloped by it’s sorcery
even when hurts…
we are consumed by this emotion;
Incessant nicks in tender layers,
irrationality injected to veins
the yearning in the deepest lonely night
a sanguine dream of the departed.
and the burning of rejection;
A psychological dichotomy
of brilliance, verses darker shades
as a red rose transforms to green
where it sways to a rhapsodic melody,
before the wind breaks it at the stem
Love pumps fire through a spirit
overcome by a powerful kiss to lips;
To break apart in orgasmic bliss
fills a heart with tender nourishment’
where souls cannot live without
But, the loss of it leaks agony by raining tears 
yet, we seek it out to repair cracks in a broken heart, 
opening to more of its aching sensation 
for the pain is a necessary part,
of the human addiction
Afflicted with its sickness,
healed under immeasurable passion
longing for a sultry summer night
with hope for its eternal gift,
lost in the paradox
Shivering Whisper 
As a heart sustains a soul and a breath does life
Your whisper carries my spirit to flight
As I close my eyes and feel you
  Touching my skin with it
Seducing my mind, serenading my heart 
You physically alter me
You unleash beauty with a softly hushed motif
Changing nuance and colour as it passes your lips
Your quiet declaration, a salty air lullaby
Raises goosebumps along my heated skin
And, you keep me wanting
 Needing things I never knew I could have
Your whisper is a touch
A passionate explorer mapping out my body
With a light heated breath roaming, you raise me up
From ashed cinders to combustive flame beneath your brush
As you engulf me with melody I soften
My favourite song, your whispering of my name
As you mouth your needs into my ear
They caress my heart to a staggering beat
I feel everything on a hushed caress kissing my soul
I shiver with your sweet lovers secret
And with your gently breathed power
You have my full attention

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  1. Loved it… Deb Woods is amazing..

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