An Interview with the sister of Piper LeVine
I recently have had the chance to interview one of my characters from my book, Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth. Regardless of whether of you’ve yet had the chance to read the book or not I hope you’ll enjoy the interview.
“Thank you for being with us today Trina, I know your family has had a lot of attention from the media lately so I especially appreciate your giving me this interview,” I say with my friendliest smile.
Trina LeVine is seated across from me with excellent posture and a navy pencil skirt, with a cream-colored  blouse and matching plaid jacket. Her shoulder-length blond hair and bright blue eyes shine at me as she tries to make her mind up about me. “Sure, you’re welcome,” Trina answers giving me a smile she often wears on the campaign stage next to her father Senator Harold LeVine.
“I was hoping you could tell me about growing up with Piper. Were you aware of her mysterious past?” I ask.
“No, I didn’t know Piper had a past any different from my own. Piper is my big sister and no matter what past she has, that will never change.” She crosses her feet at the ankle.
“Did your parents treat her differently than you?”
Trina’s blue eyes fall to her hands folded on her lap. “Not like you’re probably thinking. She is the eldest so of course they’re harder on her. She’s supposed to be setting an example for me.” She looks up but past me as she continues. 
“I always thought it was kind of weird that she was allowed to spend so much time at our Grandma Sidney’s house. It isn’t very close to our house and sometimes she’d stay with Grandma Sidney for a full school year. My mom just said Piper and Grandma Sidney have a special relationship when I asked her about it.” A genuine smile curves her lips. “They really are close.”
I lean forward wondering how much she knows as I ask her, “What do you think of the young man she likes?”
“Who Nicholas? Have you seen him? I don’t mind telling you on the record that, that man is gorgeous. He is so hot. I would’ve just grabbed him and kissed him if I hadn’t seen the way Piper was looking at him. She’s got it bad for, Nicholas. She even ate a whole side of ham, Grandma Sidney told me she walked in on her in the process. Piper must have been so nervous, to eat like that.”
She laughs. “I don’t know if she’s going to get to keep that sexy chunk of man meat.”
I ask her, “Why not.”
“Our Mom isn’t going to like him.”She blushes with the shake of her head.
“Why won’t she like him? Does it have to do with his social status?”
Trina tilts her head considering my question. “That and there’s this…” she chews her lower lip and squints her eyes thinking it over, “wild, dangerous current coming off him. You know? Like when you look into the eyes of a tiger at the zoo and you just know that if there weren’t a cage separating you, the tiger could have you for lunch. I mean like that moment when its eyes lock in on you, and you know it’s up to the tiger if you live or die?”
“Yeah, as a mother I can see why your mom would have a problem with that.”
Her big blue eyes in her youthful face grow wide. “Nicholas loves Piper. He wouldn’t hurt her.” 
“Really? What makes you so sure?” 
She looks at my notebook. “Let’s just say that from the example, I’ve grown up with, I know what love doesn’t look like.”
“When I see Nicholas simply standing next to Piper, he’s not just listening. He’s absorbing every detail of who she is. Believe me if I thought he was bad for her. I’d make sure she dumped him.” She ends with her eyebrows raised.
“Do you think Piper will recover from this new world she’s been involved in? I mean dealing with werewolves, vampires and Gypsies?”
She rolls her eyes at me and then catches herself. “Obviously, you’ve been sucked into all the hype. I may be beautifully young, but I’m not ignorant. There is no such thing as werewolves and vampires. I refuse to sensationalize an obvious lie. Sorry to blow it for you but the tooth fairy is a lie too.”
“You didn’t mention the Gypsies,” I point out.
“Just because Piper’s been exposed to a bunch of cunning magicians doesn’t mean she’s going to buy into any of their tricks. My sister is smart, strong and confident. No recovery necessary, I’m quite sure of it.”
I offer her my hand. “Thank you for your time, Trina. I hope this school year goes well for you,” I say knowing the upcoming year is going to be a challenge.
Thank you for stopping by to meet Trina LeVine. I hope you get the chance to read my book Piper LeVine, A Gypsy’s Truth, available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Thank you for all your support and happy reading!
Eris Kelli