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Marilyn Monroe and JFK

How much do you know about the iconic actress and JFK?

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Here’s an excerpt:

The pool at the Cal-Nev Lodge was perfect for a hot day in July.  The water was crystal clear and the scent of chlorine hung in the thick air. Jack was lounging beside Marilyn in his swim trunks as they soaked up the warm Nevada sun.  “Now look Marilyn, you need to understand how things are with me.”
“And how are things?” Marilyn eyed him curiously.
“Do you know the history about this lodge?  My father and Al Capone used to use this place to run bootleg alcohol to Cali.  You know, tunnels and everything.  My family has been in a position of power here in the states pretty much since my dad arrived.”
“Yes, and you hold the most powerful position of anyone in the entire nation.  So why are we talking about your dad?”  Marilyn sat up and applied tanning oil to her legs.
“Because, my innocent girl, it’s all about family.  Everything I do is because of them.”
“That is complete nonsense.”  She had gotten so distracted that the suntan oil flowed from the bottle onto the concrete.
“You don’t have much in the way of family loyalty, but we Kennedy’s always have.  We know that we’ll protect each other regardless of personal cost.  And now, it’s Teddy’s time.  You and I have to accept that.”
“But what about what you want?”  She noticed the streaming oil and popped the lid back on the bottle.
Jack sat up, anger radiating from his pores. “I can see you don’t understand at all.”
Marilyn stood up. “And what exactly am I supposed to understand?”
Jack faced her and poked a finger into her chest to punctuate his words. “I’ll always put the Kennedy political aspirations above that of my family or lovers.”
          Marilyn’s face turned beet red.  She reached up and slapped him hard across the face. “You son of a bitch!” She spun around and darted back towards the lodge.  Stopping, she turned around and spat, “You’re not the only one in danger here.  I’ve risked my life as well!”
          Jack closed the gap between them and took hold of her arms.  “What are you saying? What have you done?”
          She leaned against him for a moment. “I listen and ask ditzy blonde questions.  I learn things and giggle like I don’t get it.  I’m almost certain I’ve been found out though and I’m sure I’m on the ‘list’.”
          “God, Marilyn, you know I can’t protect you with Teddy making his bid for the senate.  What do you expect me to do?”  Jack tried to stroke her hair, but she pulled away with one rapid motion.
          “Do what you usually do for me, Jack.  Nothing.  Just don’t let my death be in vain.  I’ve tapped my own house in case something does happen to me.  Find the wires in the attic and catch whoever comes for me. You will be next, of that I’m sure.”


K.R. Hughes

Hughes is an English major from Amarillo, Texas. She now resides near Atlanta, Georgia. She enjoys writing with her co-author T.L. Burns. They have just finished writing book 2 in the trilogy and are in the editing process.

Hughes enjoys working with budding writers and tutoring English. Her passion is for at-risk teens. She volunteers to help teens realize their potential and find their passion. Hughes has two grown children, Justin and Kayti, and two four legged girls, MayZee and Ruthie.

Find other works by this author in the Historical Romance section, pen name is Kymber Lee, “Treasured Love” and “Lord Tristan’s True Love” are both a fun romp written in Regency England in 1811. Lee (Hughes) wrote these novels for her grandmother who is a huge supporter of her work.

T.L. Burns

As Burns’ co-author puts it “She is the foremost researcher and historical guru for our novel “What She Knew Trilogy.” They have just finished writing book 2 in the trilogy and are in the process of editing it.

Burns is originally from California (desert region, with mountains), spent nearly 20 years in the panhandle of Texas (again, desert region only without the mountains) and now resides near Atlanta, Georgia. In her words “Trees and flowers everywhere!! Even the weeds are green and lush! I feel like I’m living in a postcard!! And, no wind! The desert regions are sooooo windy.”

Burns passion is for at-risk families. She volunteers her time to help the needy, not with a hand-out but with a hand-up. She is married and has two grown sons (best sons in the whole world) and two 4 legged sons, Binford and Digby.

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What She Knew – An alternate history – What if Marilyn had lived and JFK saved?

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