Coming  July 2013
Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing
A Novel
  by Marianna Randazzo

Welcome Marianna Randazzo to my blog today! She has this wonderful book coming out in a few days. Its a must read! 

Praise for Given Away, A Sicilian Upbringing.  
“A must-read! Compelling! Riveting! Courageous! Though time heals most anything, there are unfathomable stories of the human experience that must be told and retold again so that history can find its peace.  Given Away is a novel inspired by true events that will capture the hearts and minds of readers everywhere. It is a dramatic work that retells the story of a young Italian girl, fraught with personal trials and tribulations – overcoming a life of challenges presented during World War II; and her ultimate journey to self discovery and her passageway to America.  Given Away is a truly inspiring and stirring story that will touch the core soul of your very being! It is a novel that is sure to become a best-selling book and potential Hollywood blockbuster!” – C.A. Bailey-Lloyd, Senior Social Media Specialist, Content Developer, Online Journalist, Copy Editor, Author, Professional Blogger and Social Media Consultant
In Sicily, 1935 a four-year child walks away from her loving family, her mother, her sister and an infant brother, with a great-aunt for a vacation. She spends the next eight years of her life absent from their lives. It was not abduction nor was it an adoption. Tina lives in a one-room house in one of the poorest regions of Sicily. She sleeps between a loving aunt and a deranged uncle. She shares her breakfast with goats and chickens while living in the shadow of fascism. The child grows up while WW II ravages the town. Her school is taken over by the Germans and the things like bread and eggs that were once plentiful, no longer exist. Less than 25 kilometers away her family leads a very different life. After eight years, she returns home to find her childhood interrupted again. This time sickness, warfare and destruction are her enemies. In wartime Europe, childhood does not exist. The child witnesses and experiences many disturbing things from her uncouth, unsanitary living conditions to the failed paratroopers dangling from trees during the allied invasion.
Tina is a survivor. She is able to forgive those who took so much away from her. Her spirit trumps over adversity during the war times within and around her. As she grows older, she struggles to keep the harsh realities of World War II and abandonment at a distance through her sense of humor, imagination and determination. 
By the age of 15, her fate is sealed, again, without her permission. To gain passage to America she must accept the role as a war bride. A tyrannical, overbearing, bootlegging aunt in America arranges the match. Tina must live under her roof and her rules until her morality and citizenship are secure. 
The plot and setting are true to life in the period of the past. It will bring the history of war torn Europe to life, providing us a lens upon our collective past that define our unique lives. 
Tina triumphs against all odds with an unconditional love for a family that despite its profound flaws gave her the fortitude to carve out a successful life on her own terms.
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