(Paranormal Mystery) (Master Koda 2013)

Blurb: “Lethal Believers: DVM” is the second novel in the “Lethal Believers” series that pits Malachi Danta-Mercadel, a retired INTERPOL agent, against those who would act-out against The Innocents, be they children, animals, or those incapable of defending themselves from the exploitation of Mantid Tranquil.

Following the acclaimed novel, “Lethal Believers: The Innocents”, where an elusive mythos backs Danta’s role for protecting children from the exploitation of Mantid Tranquil, the story of “Lethal Believers: DVM” has Danta formally partnering with myth Lamia, a mythos still seeking rehabilitation from the wrongly attributed actions of a monster. Together, they set out to protect not only the innocent children, but defenseless and innocent animals as well. Will Danta continue to protect The Innocents from those unassuming, evil figures who would continue to pervade quiet communities, and to act under the auspices of Mantid Tranquil, or, will the task for protecting as many of The Innocents overwhelm the dedicated protector and supportive his Myth?

(Paranormal Mystery) (Master Koda 2013)

Blurb: Malachi Danta-Mercadel, retired INTERPOL/Secret Service rails against the Mantid Tranquil organization bent on vesting a form of paranormal revenge, given Danta’s handiwork for exposing Mantid’s illicit operations. However, a certain intervention, with an intricate agenda, leaves both Danta and Mantid Tranquil not only at decisive odds, but also at the distinct disadvantage.