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Month: December 2013

Meet the Artist Behind My Legs

Meet Rebbekah White! Many of you may not know her because she hides behind her wizard geek glasses, but she is the genius who does all of the websites for MKSP and heads up our graphics team (
Rebbekah has been around the internet for eleven years. When she first came online she didn’t even know how to send an attachment in emails – yeah I know, it’s hard to believe because now she is seriously one amazing webmaster and virtual assistant. You can find out more about all the wonderful stuff she does here at this link (
Just to tease you a bit I will tell you this lady can customize and design wordpress websites, create marketing strategies for product launches, set up newsletters and format books all while dancing an Irish jig on a pool table. Her nifty graphics win awards, and her work ethic is beyond reproach. Does it sound like I love this woman? Yeah, well that’s because I do! Oh and if that’s not enough, she is a radio personality and owns Heal Yourself Talk Radio.
She started the radio show about 9 years ago as a way to heal her own body, mind and spirit when she was hit with several life altering events happened one right after the other. 
Here is what Rebbekah has to say about her journey of the last decade: “Over the years I have grown in many ways both professionally and personally. I met Kim Mutch Emerson a few years ago, while networking on a popular website called Ryze. Over the years we have worked together on many projects. Last year Kim and I were talking and we both wanted to be able to help authors realize their dreams and become published. Yet we didn’t want our company to be a company without a heart. Both Kim and I love giving, and we love helping. Yet we both had different talents. We are a perfect fit! Kim loves to engage in people and be the mother hen. Kim’s talents in the marketing arena far outweigh mine as far as party planning, and making what seems to be so boring and hard, exciting and fun! I love being creative. I love doing graphics and bringing an author’s vision for their book cover to life. A cover they can be proud of. I also love helping those same authors learn how to brand their websites, and how to take over their websites with confidence.” 
So there you have it – the quiet (yet marvelous) half of the small publisher with the big heart (Master Koda Select Publishing, LLC) and owner of Advantage Marketing For You, Rebbekah White. 
As a special gift for all my readers, Rebbekah has offered to give you a special ebook! 365 Social Media Tips. It’s filled with ideas and easy ways to market yourself in a fun and exciting way. Easy to follow! Just go to
Once you grab your 365 Social Media Tips eBook, be sure to go to the page and sign up for the Advantage Marketing For You Newsletter where you will receive MORE FREE Gifts, to include a video that will walk you through how to use Pinterest in your business! 
Testimonial from Nadia Kilrick and the Cover created by Rebbekah White for her book Escape: Rough Hewn Book II
Rebbekah White created the cover for my latest novel, (Escape (Rough Hewn II). Without reading the book, and with very few words from me about the story, she interpreted it as if she’d written Escape herself. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reaction from readers. They love the cover, and agree that it captures the evil of the nefarious Jim. [Nadia Kilrick]
estimonial from Marni Spencer Devlin on the work Rebbekah White did for her  author website:
Bekah makes it possible – it’s as simple as that. Before Bekah I had all these ideas about how to grow my business but no way to apply them. I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my Bekah.
Now I just dream it up and sometimes seconds later I can view it on my site. She knows everything about everything, and there’s something she doesn’t know immediately she learns it and can apply it be the next day.
She is the most responsive VA I have ever worked with. Even if she is buried under other work she responds immediately and let’s me know why she cannot do it right now and when she can do it. Then she completes is ahead of her own schedule.
I often ask myself – is this heaven? No – it’s Bekah!
Marni Spencer-Devlin
#1 Bestselling Author & Mentor
More about Rebbekah White:
Rebbekah White of Advantage Marketing for You prides herself at staying on the cutting edge of technology and marketing that works in today’s fast changing world. Some of her specialties include podcasting, audio and video marketing, customized WordPress websites, compelling graphics for eBook covers, Social media integration, mobile website integration and applications.
She continually tests and studies new techniques in order to propel her clients to a greater level of success on the internet.
Rebbekah takes great pride in every project she undertakes and knows what works! She will never suggest a product or marketing technique that she has not used with success herself.
Let Rebbekah White help you make your dreams come true today! Visit her website at or come chat with her on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter

Unrequited Love

This time of the year I love to watch the movie “The Holiday” where Kate Winslet plays a woman in love with a man who is marrying someone else. She thinks doing him favors like editing his book or doing his laundry will make him fall for her. She finds all her hard work is for nothing, the other woman wins him.

I can think of a man or two I fell for to find out “He Just Wasn’t That Into me”. No matter what is said or done, I’m just not the one for them. Doesn’t hurt any less but I pick myself up, dust myself off and move on.

If you’re familiar with the movie, Kate does something pretty outrageous…she goes on a last minute vacation from England to the USA. What’s even crazier, she does a home swap…with Cameron Diaz who is also having man trouble. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had some heart ache. Not enough to fly to England over, especially a last minute plane trip during the Christmas holiday. What’s even nuttier is the fellow Kate is running from follows her because he needs a favor. I think I would have punched him in the nose! Some nerve, even after she has told him she’s trying to get over him.

Ok, so where am I going with this? We can’t run from relationships that don’t exist. Can you stop talking to the person? Sure, provided it’s not someone you work with (Kate worked with her sadist). Is it ok to cry your eyes out, throw something, delete their phone number and email? Naturally. But to run away for two weeks during the holidays, or any other time, may be a waste. First, you’ll probably run into them when you get back. Second, one of your friends will run into them and tell you about it. And, third, in this day and age with social networking and online dating, you will see them, again and again. It just best you figure how you want to deal with it head-on instead of hiding from it.

What do you think? Have you had an unrequited love? Did you run and hide, or dabbed your eyes and got back on the horse? How do you deal with running into them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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