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14 Myths About Being a Senior Citizen

Okay, first of all, let me start out by saying I refuse to be called a senior. I don’t feel like one (most days) and I don’t think I look my age (most days).  Also, let me preface by saying the below myths are ones I believed when I was in my twenties. (So be prepared young’ins, your day is coming too).

  • Your hair is blue or purple gray
    • Mine is brown and will stay that way for a long time
    • I do have friends embracing their gray but without the blue or purple tint
  • You’re a senior at 50 years old  – The age of a senior varies on who you ask…
    • Social Security says 67
    • AARP says 50
    • Medicare says 65
    • DMV says 79
    • 401k/IRA says 70
    • Denny’s says 55
    • I personally think it’s a state of mind – Although a discount helps!
  • You become a senior when you have grandchildren
    • I have friends in their late 30’s and early 40’s become grandparents. I doubt they will want to be called seniors at that age
    • I have senior friends that are still parents (of school age children) and not grandparents yet
  • Seniors take a lot of medicine and only talk about their doctor’s appointments
    • I only take 1 pill.  And I know younger folk taking way more meds than I do.
    • I rarely have doctor’s appointments
  • It’s the “Golden Years”
    • I’m not sure what that’s supposed to even mean. If they’re referring to lots of gold for my retirement, I assure you, I have no gold and have not planned to retire at this rate
  • You’re as young as you feel
    • My brain tells me I’m still 25 years old but some days my body disagrees
    • When I feel 25, do I look 25?
  • You’re children will take care of you
    • We all know that happens for a few folks but reality is most of us are on our own – in the planning and in the paying.
    • Many children don’t even visit their parents in later years – claiming their too busy, etc.
  • Retirement is the best time of your life
    • I think that depends on how much money you have, how good your health is, and whether you enjoy gardening (yuck to the gardening!)
    • I know many who find retirement lonely and boring. I highly doubt it’s the best time of their lives
  • When you’re a senior, others’ opinions don’t matter
    • I think if others’ opinions bothered you when you were younger, they probably still will. Stop worrying about others’ opinions while you’re young. It’s wasted energy!
  • Seniors bird watch
    • Ah, no…at least not all of them. I will not be bird watching!
  • Seniors sit around talking about the good ‘ole days
    • There’s really no point. Youngsters don’t believe us when we tell them there were 4 channels on TV, no microwaves, no cell phones and no computers.
    • Our oldies music is 70’s and 80’s. I’m sorry but that doesn’t seem that long ago and those old dudes are still concert touring.
  • You’ve developed patience
    • Ah, nope! I think I have less. I just don’t feel like I have the time to deal with stupid people!
  • You’re an empty nester
    • I have friends who had children late in life and still have school age children living with them
    • Your older children come back home
    • Your grandchildren come to live with you

If you’re a “Senior”, are there any myths I missed? What are your thoughts? Please share on the comment button above!


For Better or For Worse

Wedding vows…

Have you ever wondered why for chubby or for thin wasn’t included? I hear more and more about spouses who complain that they don’t find their husband or wife attractive anymore because they’ve gained weight. WTH?

I can understand concern for your loved ones health, to want to have them around for years to come. But to be so superficial to complain about their size for personal pleasure, i.e. arm candy.  Ok, when we were twenty I know we dated for looks first, everything came after. But aren’t we more mature all these years later?

So you find the special someone and they’re hot! I’m talking smoking! The years go by and the kids come or they have a desk job and a few pounds creep up. Maybe it’s more than a few. Is this husband or wife a different person? Do they still do those things that made you fall in love with them?

I have run into men and women I knew back in school. When I look at them I see the person I used to know. We’ve all added a few pounds here and there, not to mention gray hairs and wrinkles. I chose to see them the way I remember them.

How can you tell someone you love them in one breath and then tell them you aren’t attracted to them in the next? Is that love? I don’t understand. Can someone explain it to me?

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